Timber Decking In Mozambique

Timber Decking And Wooden Staircase

Mozambique (Ponta Do Ouro)

Check out these solid timber decks in Mozambique done with a local hardwood.  The space expansion created on this building from this beautiful timber decking was incredible.  The views over the ocean are breath taking.

We also did the timber and glass hand railing on the timber decks looking on to the ocean on the Eastern side.  The uprights are 90mm x 90mm solid Rhodesian Teak and the glass is clear 8mm safety glass with polished edges.  At the back of the unit, onto the timber staircase, was solid Rhodesian teak uprights and top rails, with stainless steel cables.
For any quotations on timber decking in Mozambique for supply and installation, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We currently supply decking and wooden flooring to Maputo, Ponta, Bilene and Xai Xai.

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