Timber Decking White River

Timber Deck in White River

Pamushana Estate – Wooden Deck and Bar

Our client in White River called us one morning and asked us to please come out to quote him on a timber deck.  When we arrived on site, he had a chuckle as he showed us where he wanted his new timber deck and bar.  The bush was thick, and there was a shear drop off of some rocks of about 5 meters high. It looked impossible.  With some serious brainstorming, on how we were going to anchor the wooden deck, and some detailed planning, we decided to take on the job.  The total project time was probably about 3 weeks, but it was spread over a few months, as many changes were made by the client along the way.  The timber decking used on the walls and the deck is Rhodesian teak 100mm.  It was installed using the easyclip method.  We made a solid sliding teak door for the entrance, that weighed 205 kilogrammes.  The timber deck walkway calved its way through indigenous lowveld bush and over rocks, then led onto a teak staircase which dropped about 5 metres onto a landing.  The timber decking walls were cladded on both sides with rhodesian teak, and it created a really solid structure.  For wooden hand railing on the front of the deck, we used solid teak 90mm x 90mm uprights, and 8mm safety glass.  All in all, this wooden deck turned out to be an amazing achievement, and we are very proud to have the Lowveld Hardwood badge attached to it.

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